Friday, May 29, 2009

Start of new Era

Due to sever shortage and high prices of fuel around the world and more need of transportation and traveling required to make more fuel efficient engine increased.
Most of the car makers started making smaller and fuel efficient technology, which resulted the transformation of electronic fuel injection as well as use of gasoline with smaller engines. Japan was the first one who came up with Japanese technology with high reliability of engines as well as long lasting life.

Back before increase in fuel prices all car makers use to make big engines car like V-8 and V-6 were very common but with the time the V-8 engines only use for big and heavy duty work as well as V-6 engines started installing in SUV's and other mini trucks and most of the common use car gone down to V-4 and V-3.

In past only men used to be fascinated by cars models, shapes, performance and enjoyablity. But, now in modern era there is no difference between men and women now all are fascinated by new models and shapes of cars, SUV's and trucks.
Please keep reading my next posts with more advanced cars in market in the time line.

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