Friday, May 29, 2009

Toyota Cresiida 1984

For 1984, the Toyota Cressida saw some changes. The speedometer was changed to read to 130 mph, and the left outside mirror was changed to the convex type for a better field of view. Also, the stereo cassette player was standard (it had been an option before).

The '84 Cressida came as a wagon or a sedan. The engine was a 2.8-liter, 156-horsepower 6 cylinder, and it came standard with an automatic transmission. A five-speed manual was available as an option. The Cressida was well-equipped, coming with a generous amount of standard features.

Drivers like the 1984 Toyota Cressida because it offers a very comfortable and smooth ride, has many amenities, and if treated well, will last for decades. Some drivers have had problems with rust and the A/C.

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